What is HR Compliance Assist?

HR Compliance Assist is a knowledge-base and email alert service with country-specific insights in the areas of employee data privacy, HR electronic record-keeping, and HR record retention requirements.

chris-adamus-30858Online portal: Includes information on relevant digital HR compliance subjects for countries around the world, created and curated by a network of lawyers and compliance experts. Includes country-specific insights in the areas of employee data privacy, HR electronic record-keeping, and HR record retention requirements.

ComplianceWatch alert newsletter: Helps HR Compliance Assist customers stay on top of changes and best practices for these complex topics through an e-newsletter. ComplianceWatch gives HR teams the insights they need to be proactive on changing employee data regulations and HR record requirements.


UKG's HR Compliance Assist team relies on a network of internal and external compliance experts and lawyers to provide clients with best practices and recommendations on topics such as HR document retention, employee data privacy, and HR electronic records. HR Compliance Assist also provides local compliance monitoring and alert services in select countries where UKG's customers have employees. HR Compliance Assist is a service exclusively available to UKG customers.

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