Employee Data Privacy - GDPR

GDPR & HR: Our tips for a smooth transition

December 2017


This webinar explains everything HR teams need to know for a smooth journey to GDPR compliance. Specifically, we’ll help you:

  • Make sense of all the legalese, especially the concepts of data privacy by design and data privacy by default
  • Stay compliant, even when processing data outside the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • Update and test your procedures before the deadline



Led by PeopleDoc’s Chief Legal & Compliance Officer, the HR Compliance Assist team relies on a network of internal and external compliance experts and lawyers, including the global law firm Morgan Lewis, to provide clients with best practices and recommendations on topics such as HR document retention, employee data privacy, and HR electronic records. HR Compliance Assist also provides local compliance monitoring and alert services in select countries where PeopleDoc’s customers have employees. HR Compliance Assist is a service exclusively available to PeopleDoc customers.

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